the pain of rock and roll

Well, if there’s a way to injure myself, I’m gonna find it!

Saturday at rehearsal, I managed to pull, twist and strain my right knee. You know, the one good one I had left! It wasn’t all that bad when it happened. You know, if you’re used to the feeling of a knife being thrust(ed?) into the back of your knee!

So I’ve been taking care of it the best I can. Sitting on my ass, knee brace, complaining, the whole 9 yards (while watching The Whole 9 Yards. Go figure). Went to the doctor today just to make sure I’m not making this thing worse and thankfully, it looks like I’ll be back to my “normal” self in a week or two.

Besides…a sprained knee isn’t going to stop me from rock and roll! It WILL stop me from running the sweeper however.

Okay, thats really all I have to say at the moment. I’m gonna go do the dishes…wait…no I’m not. Where are the cookies?


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